Course curriculum

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    Serger 101: The Basics of Using your Serger

    • SERGER 101: The Basics
    • Serger 101 RAW LIVE VIDEO
    • My Serger Book - Include Gathering Settings
    • Resources & Products for Serging
    • Additional Serger Classes
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    Extra Tutorials

    • How to Thread a Serger from It's Sew Easy TV
    • How to Thread the Brother 5234 PRW
    • Trouble Shooting Serger Stitches


Learn how to use your serger!

Beginners guide to using your serger

Join Angela Wolf  for a 90 minute virtual class and learn how to set up and use your serger.  Learn the parts on the serger, tips for rethreading,  differential feed,  reasons to adjust the stitch length and width, and so much more! 

Learn how to set up and when to use:

  • 4-thread overlock
  • 3-thread overlock
  • 3-thread wide vs. narrow overlock
  • Gathered stitch

Learn tips for starting and ending stitches, how to serger corners, inside corners, and curves.  Trouble shoot tension issues and puckered fabric.  Learn how to adjust the differential feed to prevent stretching the fabric.  You will also learn serger basics including choosing and changing needles, using stretch threads,  disengaging the knife, and  more.

Note: This class can be used with any serger, but you will need your serger manual on hand as each serger is a little different.   

This is a virtual class , live with Angela Wolf taking time for Q&A.  You do not have to be present to enjoy the class  The class will remain open for 60 days after the live session is over.